written on 2023-09-15

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Learning to Generate Equitable Text in Dialogue from Biased Training Data Anthony Sicilia, Malihe Alikhani cs.CL, cs.AI 2023-07-10
Designing Mixed-Initiative Video Games Daijin Yang cs.HC, cs.AI, J.5 2023-07-08
Dynamic Observation Policies in Observation Cost-Sensitive Reinforcement Learning Colin Bellinger, Mark Crowley, Isaac Tamblyn cs.LG, cs.AI, 68T01, I.2.0 2023-07-05
Joint Level Generation and Translation Using Gameplay Videos Negar Mirgati, Matthew Guzdial cs.CV, cs.LG 2023-06-29
ByteSized32: A Corpus and Challenge Task for Generating Task-Specific World Models Expressed as Text Games Ruoyao Wang, Graham Todd, Eric Yuan, Ziang Xiao, Marc-Alexandre Côté, Peter Jansen cs.CL, cs.AI 2023-05-24
FIREBALL: A Dataset of Dungeons and Dragons Actual-Play with Structured Game State Information Andrew Zhu, Karmanya Aggarwal, Alexander Feng, Lara J. Martin, Chris Callison-Burch cs.CL, cs.AI 2023-05-02
On pitfalls (and advantages) of sophisticated large language models Anna Strasser cs.CY, cs.AI, cs.CL 2023-02-25
Controlling Personality Style in Dialogue with Zero-Shot Prompt-Based Learning Angela Ramirez, Mamon Alsalihy, Kartik Aggarwal, Cecilia Li, Liren Wu, Marilyn Walker cs.CL 2023-02-08
On Realization of Intelligent Decision-Making in the Real World: A Foundation Decision Model Perspective Ying Wen, Ziyu Wan, Ming Zhou, Shufang Hou, Zhe Cao, Chenyang Le, Jingxiao Chen, Zheng Tian, Weinan Zhang, Jun Wang cs.AI, cs.LG 2022-12-24
Synthesis and Evaluation of a Domain-specific Large Data Set for Dungeons & Dragons Akila Peiris, Nisansa de Silva cs.CL, cs.LG 2022-12-18
Reward Gaming in Conditional Text Generation Richard Yuanzhe Pang, Vishakh Padmakumar, Thibault Sellam, Ankur P. Parikh, He He cs.CL, cs.AI, cs.LG 2022-11-16
CLSE: Corpus of Linguistically Significant Entities Aleksandr Chuklin, Justin Zhao, Mihir Kale cs.CL 2022-11-04
Are Current Decoding Strategies Capable of Facing the Challenges of Visual Dialogue? Amit Kumar Chaudhary, Alex J. Lucassen, Ioanna Tsani, Alberto Testoni cs.CL, cs.CV 2022-10-24
Towards Pragmatic Production Strategies for Natural Language Generation Tasks Mario Giulianelli cs.CL, cs.AI 2022-10-23
LEATHER: A Framework for Learning to Generate Human-like Text in Dialogue Anthony Sicilia, Malihe Alikhani cs.CL, cs.LG 2022-10-14
Using Large Language Models to Simulate Multiple Humans Gati Aher, Rosa I. Arriaga, Adam Tauman Kalai cs.CL, cs.AI, cs.LG 2022-08-18
Mimetic Models: Ethical Implications of AI that Acts Like You Reid McIlroy-Young, Jon Kleinberg, Siddhartha Sen, Solon Barocas, Ashton Anderson cs.AI, cs.CY 2022-07-19
Word Play for Playing Othello (Reverses) Samantha E. Miller Noever, David Noever cs.LG 2022-07-18
Immersive Text Game and Personality Classification Wanshui Li, Yifan Bai, Jiaxuan Lu, Kexin Yi cs.CL, cs.AI, cs.LG 2022-03-20
Dynamic population-based meta-learning for multi-agent communication with natural language Abhinav Gupta, Marc Lanctot, Angeliki Lazaridou cs.LG, cs.AI, cs.CL, cs.MA 2021-10-27
Hurdles to Progress in Long-form Question Answering Kalpesh Krishna, Aurko Roy, Mohit Iyyer cs.CL, cs.LG 2021-03-10
Deep Learning for General Game Playing with Ludii and Polygames Dennis J. N. J. Soemers, Vegard Mella, Cameron Browne, Olivier Teytaud cs.AI 2021-01-23
Ludii Game Logic Guide Eric Piette, Cameron Browne, Dennis J. N. J. Soemers cs.AI 2021-01-06
DORB: Dynamically Optimizing Multiple Rewards with Bandits Ramakanth Pasunuru, Han Guo, Mohit Bansal cs.CL, cs.AI, cs.LG 2020-11-15
Learning Better Representation for Tables by Self-Supervised Tasks Liang Li, Can Ma, Yinliang Yue, Linjun Shou, Dayong Hu cs.CL 2020-10-15
Discovering Textual Structures: Generative Grammar Induction using Template Trees Thomas Winters, Luc De Raedt cs.CL, cs.AI, 68T50, I.2.7; I.2.6 2020-09-09
Navigating Human Language Models with Synthetic Agents Philip Feldman, Antonio Bucchiarone cs.AI, cs.CL, cs.MA, I.2; I.6; J.4 2020-08-10
The Go Transformer: Natural Language Modeling for Game Play Matthew Ciolino, David Noever, Josh Kalin cs.CL, cs.LG 2020-07-07
Shared Task on Evaluating Accuracy in Natural Language Generation Ehud Reiter, Craig Thomson cs.CL 2020-06-22
Graph Constrained Reinforcement Learning for Natural Language Action Spaces Prithviraj Ammanabrolu, Matthew Hausknecht cs.LG, cs.AI, cs.CL, stat.ML 2020-01-23
Revisiting Challenges in Data-to-Text Generation with Fact Grounding Hongmin Wang cs.CL 2020-01-12
ViGGO: A Video Game Corpus for Data-To-Text Generation in Open-Domain Conversation Juraj Juraska, Kevin K. Bowden, Marilyn Walker cs.CL 2019-10-26
Table-to-Text Generation with Effective Hierarchical Encoder on Three Dimensions (Row, Column and Time) Heng Gong, Xiaocheng Feng, Bing Qin, Ting Liu cs.CL 2019-09-05
Generating Question-Answer Hierarchies Kalpesh Krishna, Mohit Iyyer cs.CL 2019-06-06
Pragmatically Informative Text Generation Sheng Shen, Daniel Fried, Jacob Andreas, Dan Klein cs.CL 2019-04-02
Automating Direct Speech Variations in Stories and Games Stephanie M. Lukin, James O. Ryan, Marilyn A. Walker cs.CL 2017-08-30
Deep Reinforcement Learning: An Overview Yuxi Li cs.LG 2017-01-25