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A bunch of hipster text Franzen typewriter 90's, hella pickled pitchfork pinterest. Authentic wolf cronut narwhal drinking vinegar, post-ironic bushwick roof party kogi blue bottle church-key. Swag ramps mustache normcore four loko, pinterest lomo XOXO hashtag fashion axe disrupt schlitz. Skateboard aesthetic bespoke, shoreditch artisan franzen migas locavore wolf heirloom raw denim hammock master cleanse butcher chia. Umami mumblecore put a bird on it bespoke. Cornhole dreamcatcher mlkshk four loko mustache, twee master cleanse disrupt ethical vinyl. Williamsburg wolf mustache, small batch lo-fi readymade synth actually church-key brunch umami pabst.

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This is all the lines
This is case 1 now, all the countries shown.
Look at Nigeria for Some Reason
Something interesting to highlight, label, color.
And here's Bosnia and Herzegovina
It doesn't seem to have as much data.
These are Disasters
Here are Rwanda and Haiti. One is genocide, one is a natural disaster. Guess which is which?